• Cindy Groenewegen vd Weijden

Eldveckan... the Fire Week

Eldveckan: "(Fire Week) is usually organised in the last week of October to provide warmth, communal and atmospheric energy as the autumn darkness gradually retreats. October meets November.... And we meet each other. So welcome to a week of crackling campfires, exciting experiences and dramatic scenery".

In the week of the fire, or Eldveckan, in Mjällom/Måviken on Friday, October 30th, a walking/lampions parade in the dark was organised by Victor and Cindy. At the starting point people paid a small contribution, from which you received a tea light (on battery) and at the end point a hamburger with some warm drinks.

The walk went along the water and the path was lit with big wind candles. At the end point there were several campfires and there was a Tipi tent in which you could warm up. The hamburgers were grilled on the spot. The sandwiches came from the local bakery, OmneBröd. There was plenty of choice of sauces or salad for your hamburger. There was also coffee, tea, hot chocolate and if you wanted you could buy some soft drinks.

It was a very pleasant and successful evening, of which many hope more will follow.

In total there were 60 participants.

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