Hiking Världarvsleden



Starting at SEK 2000,- for two days full board



If you like to hike? Our Hiking Adventures are made especially for you.






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Summer, autumn, winter or spring there is always a hike package that will suit you!

For a day hike or a multi-day hike the High Coast is a great area to set out on your trip. The Världsarvsleden or world heritage trail is an approximately 100 km long tour along the 'Höga Kusten' around the village of Nordingrå. Starting point for our hike adventures is B&B Skutskepparn in Barsta.  You can choose between two, three or four days hike packages which can be complemented with various exciting options. So it is possible to compose an adventure that suits you perfectly.

Hiking adventure packages

2 day's


Starting from SEK 2000,- pp


Two nights full board at Skutskepparn (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack). Transportation to and from the trail is included.


3 day's


Starting from SEK 2950,- pp


Three nights full board at Skutskepparn. Customize with a night out on the trail or an Outdoor Cooking experience


4 day's


Four nights full board at Skutskepparn. Customize to make it you own unique adventure. What about watching the Northern Lights at sea?




Starting from SEK 200,- pp


Make your adventure even greater by choosing our extras. Local entrepreneurs will ensure your adventure to be an unforgettable experience.


Starting from SEK 3850,- pp


Skutskepparn B&B

Skutskepparn B&B is located on the upper floor of the restaurant, where we offer small
but homely decorated rooms for our guests. There are 8 rooms sharing 2 toilets and 2 showers. 

All rooms are non-smoking. 

Double room

All rooms have two normal beds and are the solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a beneficial vacation. Two of the rooms have bunk beds and a single bed, allowing three people to sleep comfortably in the same room.