Basic outdoor skills


SEK 500 - 2500 


Date / Location


Min Age 16 yr. 




Max 8 pers. 

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Basic Outdoor Skills


The outdoor phrase 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing' will be familiar to many people. Besides clothing, there are many other things that can make being outdoors a great adventure.


In our Basic Outdoor Skills programmes, we go outside to get acquainted with some of the techniques that come in handy when you're out and about. These programmes vary from 3 hours to 2 days. If you want a tailor-made programme, for example a weekend trip with your family, please contact us for the possibilities.


Topics that recur at Basic Outdoor Skills;

  • Dealing with map and compass

  • Using a GPS device

  • Making fire with a fire steel

  • Using different kinds of burners

  • Different kinds of shelters during a hike

  • Preparing food on an open fire

  • Using a knife and axe

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